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Artist: Bob Dylan
Author: traditional
Label: CBS
Year: 1962

A1 on his debut album.



Jesse Fuller

Jesse Fuller was a blues troubadour, older than Woody Guthrie, almost as old as Lead Belly and his par in authenticity. Played music since 1901, traveled with circus and medicine shows, played on streets for tips and cameoed in some silent movies, along with Douglas Fairbanks and Pola Negri. That's when we lose his tracks until in the 40s when he acts as a songster and tap danser, accompanies Lead Belly and starts performing as a one-man-band. He played 12 string guitar, kazoo, harmonica, washing tub and his self build bass pedal thing he called foot-doola. San Francisco Bay Blues was his most famous song. Rambling Jack Elliott raved about it in Eastcoast folk circles and that's how Dylan leared to know about him. Jesse came over to New York to play in Gerde's Folk City, Dylan's hangout. You're No Good is Dylan's salute to this authentico, "the last of the great Negro minstrels". On Dylan's debut album the song comes even before his ode to Woody Guthrie. One year later Jesse Fuller finally cut his own You're No Good for Prestige/Folklore.


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