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Artist: Rolling Stones
Author: Mick Jagger/Keith Richards
Label: demo
Year: 1964

Acoustic ballad with only Mick & Keith, Kingsway Studio, London.



Marianne Faithfull [as As Tears Go By; top 10 UK]


Rolling Stones [idem; n°6 US; first live performance during the Bigger Bang tour (2005); in '66 they recorded it in Italian as Con Le Mie Lacrime]


Richard Anthony [as Puisque je pense encore a toi]


Nancy Sinatra [as As Tears Go By]


Lize Marke [as Alles Is Nu Voorbij]


Jacques Duvall [as Une seule larme]


Marianne Faithfull [version with time gone by and her voice matured; cut in one take, with Bill Frisell on guitar]


Vanessa Paradis

Faithfull's not a punk-alias but her real name. She is the daughter of London academic Glynn Faithfull and Austrian barones Eva Von Sacher-Masoch, grand niece of Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, the 19th century author of Venus Im Pelz (Venus In Furs) who gave his name to Masochism. A good beginning. Marianderl (like her mother used to call her) was raised in an ascetic nun school with no friends and many books. Artistic expression was passed on to her by her mother in broken English and by her first boyfriend (and future husband) John Duncan in perfect Oxbridge. Amazing how well connected this young man was in swinging London anno 1964: John was Peter Asher's pal, the brother of actress Jane Asher, Paul McCartney's girlfriend. John was also close with semi aristocrat and Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham, the man who invented the slogan : Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone? Andrew and Marianne met through John Duncan. Without even asking if she could sing, Andrew asked her if she wanted to cut a record. If you cannot sell a Mona Lisa fresh from boarding school, you're not worth the record bizz. Marianne Faithfull was bound to become Andrew Oldham's Cilla Black and so he asked Mick & Keith to write her a song, one surrounded with high monastery walls, small barred windows and no sex. That song already existed: the Stones had a spare one, not knowing how to use it for themselves. As Time Goes By was the working title and to avoid confusion with the hit from Casablanca, Oldham renamed it As Tears Go By, landing him cheap credits on top.


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