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Artist: Valentinos
Author: Shirley Womack/Bobby Womack
Label: SAR
Year: 1964

First known as the Womack Brothers, the first band of Bobby, Cecil, Curtis, Friendly Jr. & Harry Womack. Started off as a gospel quintet with secular inclinations, just like their label boss Sam Cooke. It's All Over Now was their first single not released in a gospel version simultaniously. See: Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray. There's a Frank Crumit song named I Used To Love Her, But It's All Over Now, cut in 1929 (no kidding).

Their first n°1 UK was the first song the Rolling Stones didn't cut in England. At the end of their first American tour in May/June '64, they were sceduled to record in the famous Chess studio in Chicago; holy ground trampelled by so many Stones heroes: Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Walter, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. They did record Chess material there, along with a song suggested by New York DJ Murray The K: a brand new one by The Valentinos. Their lead singer Bobby Womack was enraged by this cover. Not only did it block the Valentinos' progression on the charts, Mick Jagger didn't even seem to understand where the song was all about: the Stones sing: "You hurt my eyes open" while it should be: "You had my nose open", popular black lingo meaning you're fed up with someone. It's All Over Now was the first of five consecutive #1 Stones-hits in the UK. Rick Astley never did better.


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