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Artist: Peggy Lee
Author: Lewis Allan
Label: Decca
Year: 1953

Written by the author of Strange Fruit(!), who's real name was Abel Meeropol (1903-1986). Lewis and Allen were the names of his stillborn children. As a Communist and avid supporter of the Rosenbergs, Abel and his wife Anne adopted Julius & Edith Rosenberg's two sons after their parents' execution.



Sacha Distel [as Scoubidou (Des Pommes, des poires); hit Fr, top 20 for 11 straight months; originally spelled Skoubidou]

Distel had to be sued before royalties over this French hit-cover started rolling in. Distel just added a bebop scatting phrase, pronouncing it like the follow-up of the hula hoop craze.


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