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Artist: New Lost City Ramblers
Author: Agnes Cunningham
Label: Smithsonian Folkways
Year: 1959

Along with How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live and Taxes On The Farmer Feeds Us All. Sis Cunningham's original title was How Can You Keep On Moving (Unless You Migrate Too), dealing with the situation in California at the height of the 1930s depression when the state couldn't handle any more migration from the dust bowl states in the Midwest. At some strategic crossroads billboards were erected with "No more migration", flanked by vigilante men to detour unwilling incomers if necessary.



Ry Cooder [as How Can You Keep On Moving, first track on second album Into The Purple Valley with Jim Keltner and Jim Dickinson]


Sis Cunningham [on Sings Her Own Songs & A Few Favorites; during the '40s she must been singing it with her band The Red Dust Players]


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