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  • Cover of BILLY BARLOW in 1988 - idem, protesting against the poll tax
  • Cover of WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, THE in 1993
  • Cover of MANNEQUIN in 1995
  • Cover of ANJI in 2002 - sample Bert Jansch's guitar tune in Jacobs Ladder (see also: The Pretty Ploughboy)
  • Cover of PRETTY PLOUGHBOY, THE in 2002 - and they sent him to the wars to be slain to be slain-sample in Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name), grooving along Bert Jansch's guitar tune Anji (see: Angi)
  • Cover of KOILEN in 2006 - a Bella Ciao with lyrics commemorating an anti-globalist killed during a G8 conference in Genova
  • Cover of TO THE LITTLE RADIO in 2008 - in German


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Arnold Rypens
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