Robert Johnson



  • Cover of KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MOJO in 1936 - in They're Red Hot (Hot Tamales)
  • Cover of LEAD PENCIL BLUES in 1936 - cut-boogie rhythm in I Believe I'll Dust My Broom, Sweet Home Chicago and Rambling On My Mind
  • Cover of MY BLACK MAMMA in 1936 - slide motiv in Walking Blues; Son House was Robert Johnson's big example, instrumentally and vocally, in spite of his religious background; Son House really considered the blues as being the Devil's music
  • Cover of RED RIVER BLUES in 1936 - as Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  • Cover of SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD in 1936 - as Come On In My Kitchen
  • Cover of 32-20 BLUES in 1936
  • Cover of MINGLEWOOD BLUES in 1936 - as If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day and in '37 as Traveling Riverside Blues
  • Cover of AIN'T IT A PITY AND A SHAME in 1937 - as Little Queen Of Spades
  • Cover of KOKOMO BLUES in 1937 - as Sweet Home Chicago; no more Kokomo as final destination and the Eleven Light City was changed in the land of California; but the biggest innovation is the boogie rhythm underneath; it's as if there's two guitar players involved while it's just Robert solo; how did he manage? Cause that's a real economic trick to master; learn to play that way means you can do with no partner
  • Cover of LIFE SAVER BLUES in 1937 - in both Malted Milk and Drunken Hearted Man
  • Cover of MILK COW BLUES in 1937 - as Milkcow's Calf Blues and Stones In My Passway
  • Cover of FOUR O'CLOCK BLUES in 1937 - as From Four Till Late
  • Cover of MEAN MISTREATER MAMA in 1937 - inspired his first single Kind Hearted Woman Blues, which was also indebted to Bumble Bee Slim's Cruel Hearted Woman Blues ('34), both lyrically and musically
  • Cover of DEVIL GOT MY WOMAN in 1937 - as Hellhound On My Trail, not to be confused with Funny Paper Smith's Hellhound On My Trail ('31)
  • Cover of WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN in 1938 - as Love In Vain


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