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Artist: Johnny Temple
Author: Johnny Temple
Label: Vocalion
Year: 1935

Contemporary of Robert Johnson.



Robert Johnson [cut-boogie rhythm in I Believe I'll Dust My Broom, Sweet Home Chicago and Rambling On My Mind]

Johnny introduced economic use of the boogie rhythm, which he had learned from Robert Johnson. By striking only two out of eight boogie measures he managed to combine rhythm and melody on the same instrument. Not having to share gig revenues with a second musician blew any ambitious guitarist's mind, not in the least Robert Johnson's. The pupil beat the master with a faster record deal, which must have frustrated Johnson. Possible reason why he became so seclusive about his guitar tricks. On the other hand Temple showed Johnson the open E minor tuning he'd learned from Skip James and used by Johnson in Hellhound On My Trail (see: Devil Got My Woman).


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