Beastie Boys


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  • Cover of BACK IN BLACK in 1985 - as Rock Hard
  • Cover of I'M ALL RIGHT in 1986 - foundation for Girls from Licensed To Ill, the track preceding Fight For Your Right
  • Cover of WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS in 1986 - sampling Led Zeppelin's beat in Rhymin' & Stealin'
  • Cover of TAKE ME TO THE MARDI GRAS in 1986 - in Hold It Now, Hit It on Licenced To Ill; prod: Rick Rubin
  • Cover of SLOW AND LOW in 1986 - on Licenced To Ill
  • Cover of SWEET LEAF in 1986 - riff throughout Rhymin & Stealin, opening track Licenced To Ill
  • Cover of LOW RIDER in 1986 - sample throughout Slow Ride on Licenced To Ill
  • Cover of RIEN NE VA PLUS in 1989 - substantial sample in Car Thief from Paul's Boutique
  • Cover of SHARON in 1989 - sample in Johnny Ryall
  • Cover of FUNKY DRUMMER (BONUS BEAT REPRISE) in 1989 - in Shadrach
  • Cover of LORAN'S DANCE in 1989 - sample in To All The Girls, opening track Paul's Boutique
  • Cover of SHUCKIN' THE CORN in 1989 - Eric Weissberg version in 5-Piece Chicken Dinner on Paul's Boutique
  • Cover of TIME FOR LIVIN' in 1992
  • Cover of CHOIR in 1992 - sample in Pass The Mic
  • Cover of HOME BOUND in 1992 - sample in The Biz Vs. The Nuge on cd Check Your Head
  • Cover of OISEAU DE FEU, L' in 1998 - sample in Electrify
  • Cover of RESCUE ME in 1999 - sample under Shake Your Rump


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