• Cover of LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE in 1984 - on LIke A Virgin; a '95 remix hit US
  • Cover of SANTA BABY in 1987
  • Cover of REQUIEM POUR UN CON in 1990 - same prominently featured drum loop in Justify My Love; n°1 US, n°2 UK, Top 5 NL & B
  • Cover of EL YOM 'ULLIQA 'ALA KHASHABA in 1992 - sample 4 minutes into Erotica, along with a sample from Kool & The Gang's Jungle Boogie ('73)
  • Cover of FEVER in 1992
  • Cover of WHAT YOU NEED in 1994 - foundation of Human Nature; Top 10 UK; not the Michael Jackson song (see there)
  • Cover of IT'S YOUR THING in 1994 - sample in I'd Rather Be Your Lover
  • Cover of I WANT YOU in 1995
  • Cover of ANOTHER SUITCASE IN ANOTHER HALL in 1996 - in film Evita; hit UK
  • Cover of SEPHERYN in 1998 - n°2 UK as Ray Of Light on her cd Ray Of Light; reworking of Christine Leach's version by the same coproducer William Orbit, co-credited to Christine Leach
  • Cover of WHY I FOLLOW THE TIGERS in 1998 - four samples in Drowned World/Substitute For Love; according to author McKuen following a similar storyline as in Why I Follow The Tigers
  • Cover of MA VIE FOUT L' CAMP in 1998 - 5 x 4 measures in Frozen; n°1 UK, n°2 US & NL, n°3 B; sued successfully for plagiarism in Belgium; it wasn't just these (matching) measures, both Acquaviva and Madonna seem to know the same person and Madonna's defence wasn't convincing enough to exclude he worked as go-between
  • Cover of PAPILLONS NOIRS, LES in 1998 - striking resemblance with Candy Perfume Girl from Ray Of Light
  • Cover of AMERICAN PIE in 2000 - n°1 UK
  • Cover of YOU CUT HER HAIR in 2003 - in Easy Ride
  • Cover of GIMME GIMME GIMME (A MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT) in 2005 - sample in Hung Up, enough to co-credit Benny & Bjorn
  • Cover of BETWEEN THE BARS in 2013
  • Cover of DANCE OF THE REED FLUTES in 2019 - inspiration for Dark Ballet
  • Cover of FAZ GOSTOSO in 2019


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