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Artist: John Lennon
Author: John Lennon
Label: cassette tape
Year: 1978



Beatles [Paul, George & Ringo plus John's voice and piano from his demo tape; n°2 UK; with a George Formby sample in the outro? (see: Leaning On A Lamppost)]


King Crimson


Vliegende Panters [as Vrij Als Een Eend]


Brian Kennedy

Yoko Ono gave this cassette tape with Free As A Bird (and Real Love) to Paul, George & Ringo personally to do something with it in preparation of the Anthology project. That's the official side of the story. In fact she had been shopping around these unused tapes on American radio station Westwood One and they broadcasted it of course, resulting in bootlegs on the side. There's this story of a record store in Boom, Belgium where a customer returns his freshly bought classical cd, complaining he's not hearing what he'd expected. Instead of Czech marches by Vaclav Neumann, this cd held more than an hour worth of unreleased Lennon on a cheap Hungarian pressing.


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