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Artist: Sergio Mendes
Author: Carlinhos Brown
Label: Elektra
Year: 1992

With the percussionists of the Liga Dos Escolas De Samba De Rio De Janeiro. Quintessential Batucada. Author Brown's own debut album followed one year later (with drumband Timbalada).



Good Men [NL house; drum sample in Give It Up]


Simply Red [same sample in Fairground; mentioning both The Good Men and Sergio Mendes but crediting Mick Hucknall]


Shakira [drum sample in Ojos Asi (Thunder Mix)]


Arrow [drum sample in remix socahit Hot Hot Hot]

On that same Sergio Mendes album: Magalenha, also written by Carlinhos Brown with vocals frequently sampled since: Pavae feat. Rojan ('95), Tribal FM ('97), Quinta Feira ('98), Magalenha ('01), Vinello ('01), Grand Menage ('01), Mitoko Samba ('02), Bellini & Mendonca Do Rio ('04), Danny Marquez & Ferry B ('04), Delora Brum ('08), Duhks ('08), Antonio Martinez Ares ('08), AlĂ´ Brazil ('08), Kat Deluna ('09), Sergio Mendes feat. Carlinhos Brown ('10).


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