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Artist: String-A-Longs
Author: Norman Petty/Jimmy Torres/Richard Stephens
Label: Warwick
Year: 1960

Millionseller. First presented to The Fireballs but they declined it. The Lean Teens from Plainview, Texas cut it during a session in Clovis, along with their own instrumental Tell The World (written by both their guitarists Jimmy Torres and Richard Stephens). Before it even came out and without consulting the band members, producer Norman Petty changed their name into The String-A-Longs. During the pressing process labels were accidentally changed: what had to be called Wheels became Tell The World and vice versa. This mistake was corrected as follows: Wheels became the A-side, subtitled: Tell The World and with new B-side Am I Asking Too Much. Mickey Boyd & The Plainviewers released that same Wheels on 7 Arts still as Tell The World (B-side of their single For My Angel). That Mickey is in fact Keith McCormack, guitarist with the String-A-Longs and later coauthor of millionseller Sugar Shack (Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs).



Billy Vaughn


Johnny Duncan [first sung version]


Marcel Amont [n°2 Fr as Dans le coeur de ma blonde]


Mosam Skiffle Group [as Wielen; Dutch lyrics]


Trio Kolenka [as Vier Schimmel, ein Wagen (Hüh-A-Hoh); n°1 GER]


Jumping Jewels

According to coauthor Jimmy Torres, Wheels was inspired by Sousa's marches.


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