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Artist: Falcons
Author: Willie Schofield
Label: Lupine
Year: 1962

B-side of I Found A Love; vocal: Wilson Pickett, backed up by the Ohio Untouchables. Author Willie Schofield, Wilson Pickett, Eddie Floyd and Sir Mack Rice were all Falcons. Lupine boss Robert West was related with Robert Ward, favoring the signing of his band The Ohio Untouchables. They had to show up when 19 year old Wilson Pickett was the only Falcon at hand during this session. The guitar riff halfway inspired that of Scuttle Buttin'. This is the same riff as in Double Whammy and Wham (see there). Robert Ward and Lonnie Mack used the same Dynatone amp and therefore sound similar.



Stevie Ray Vaughan [in Scuttle Buttin']


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