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Artist: Arthur Collins
Author: Alexander Rogers/Bert Williams
Label: Edison
Year: 1905

"The story of a coon for whom nobody does nothing, therefore he does nothing for nobody". Minstrel star, best known for his duets with Byron Harlan (see: Put Your Arms Around Me Honey).



Bert Williams [signature song of this singer & actor from the Bahamas who made it in the States in minstrel shows]


Nina Simone


Ry Cooder [with the Golden Gate Quartet]


Mary Coughlan


Johnny Cash


Ukulele Club de Paris [as Personne]

Bert Williams was a black writer & performer in the blackfaced minstrel circuit, who had to blacken his face and whiten his lips just like the white musicians. Success and stardom were two different things for a black entertainer a century ago. He couldn't even order a drink at the bar of the theater he sold out daily. He was the first black accepted in the actors union, inducted by W.C. Fields.


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