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Artist: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Year: 1775

The Ouverture for four voices, two oboes, two trumpets, violins and organ ("Misericordias Domini cantabo in aeternum"), written in Munich for Maximilian III.



Ludwig van Beethoven [according to musicologist Alfred Beaujean, the violin part of the main theme of his 9th Symphony: Ode an die Freude; clear exactly 1 minute into Misericordias Domini]


Seekers [small hit UK as Emerald City]


Miguel Rios [as Song Of Joy (Himno A La Alegria); n°1 GER & CH, hit UK, US & NL]


Walter Carlos [as Ninth Symphony - Fourth Movement in film A Clockwork Orange]

Beaujean claims the young Beethoven could have known Mozart's ouverture through Padre Martini in Bologna, who received a copy from Mozart personally and made it available to his pupils. The lyrics of Ode an die Freude (Alle Menschen werden Brüder) is a poem by Friedrich von Schiller (1785/1803). On the other hand, Mozart's principal theme of the Bastien Et Bastienne ouverture slightly resurfaces at the beginning of Beethoven's Third Symphony (Eroica), but that's probably purely coincidence.


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