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Artist: Bo Diddley
Author: Ellas McDaniel
Label: Checker
Year: 1956

Discribing a train en route to Bo's hometown McComb, MS. With Willie Dixon (bass).



Gene Vincent [as I'm Going Home; almost 10 years before 10 Years After]


Zombies [idem]


Ten Years After [idem on lp Undead, one year later also on Woodstock]

Ten Years After's I'm Going Home was more like a rock 'n roll medley with bits of Blue Suede Shoes, Baby Please Don't Go, Whole Lotta Shakin' and I Got A Woman, always coming down on its I'm Going Home legs. Leader Alvin Lee signed this medley with his own name, while this should have been Gene Vincent, partly at least. Gene never made anything out of it, too sick to react (he died two years after Woodstock). Or did he knew he owed a lot to Bo Diddley anyway?


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