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Artist: Tempest
Author: Janne Suni
Year: 2000

Finnish demo, two years later remixed by Norwegian Glenn Rune Gallefoss (GRG) for a Commodore 64 application in SID format.



Nelly Furtado [chords, melody and rhythm of Gallefoss' synth line exactly in sync with Do It from her Loose album, crediting Furtado/Timbaland/Nate Hills]

Precedents of unadequate use of SID music:
- Zombie Nation's 1999 hit Kernkraft 400 was a remake of David Whittaker's song for the 1984 Commodore 64 game Lazy Jones.
- Bas 'Bastiaan' Brons NL-hit You've Got My Love sampled drums from the music to the Rubicon game (by Jeroen Tel & Reyn Ouwehand).
In both cases the original authors won.


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