Cat Stevens



  • Cover of PLUM BLOSSOM, THE in 1966 - melody in I Love My Dog, his first chart success; only when he became a muslim did he humbly admitted his influence; Yusef 2 gave Yusef 1 a generous cheque to begin with, while royalties keep flowing Lateef-way ever since
  • Cover of FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST, THE in 1967 - author
  • Cover of HERE COMES MY BABY in 1967 - author on debut album Matthew & Son
  • Cover of WILD WORLD in 1970 - author on single and lp Tea For The Tillerman, hit US in '71
  • Cover of LEANABH AN AIGH in 1971 - as Morning Has Broken hit US, UK & NL; Rick Wakeman on keyboards
  • Cover of ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT in 1974 - more popular in Europe and even in America than the author's version
  • Cover of REMEMBER THE DAYS OF THE OLD SCHOOLYARD in 1977 - author


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