Warren Zevon



  • Cover of CHOCKO ME FEENDO HEY in 1969 - as Iko Iko
  • Cover of CARMELITA in 1976 - author; an earlier version was found by his son Jordan and compiled on cd Preludes (Ammal Records/New West), along with fully acceptable demo-rendings of Hasten Down The Wind, Werewolves Of London, The French Inhaler, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Accidentally Like A Martyr and Desperados Under The Eaves
  • Cover of CERTAIN GIRL, A in 1980
  • Cover of JANEY NEEDS A SHOOTER in 1980 - as Jeannie Needs A Shooter; own lyrics and melody, so it's not even a cover; Warren hadn't even heard the original, was just inspired by hearing the title; Bruce was co-credited, not only for that: he actually came over to help Warren finish off his own Jeannie
  • Cover of JESUS WAS A CROSS MAKER in 1995
  • Cover of LAISSEZ-MOI TRANQUILLE in 2002
  • Cover of KNOCKING ON HEAVEN'S DOOR in 2003


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