Vera Hall



  • Cover of RAILROAD BILL in 1937
  • Cover of BALLAD OF THE BOLL WEEVIL in 1940 - as Boll Weevil Blues; John A. Lomax-recording; his son Alan revisited Vera in '59
  • Cover of PO' LAZARUS in 1940 - as Po' Lazarus; John A. & Ruby Lomax recording, reissued on Deep River Of Song: Alabama
  • Cover of AIN'T GOING TO RAIN NO MORE in 1947
  • Cover of WILD OX MOAN in 1959 - stereo recording during Alan Lomax' 1959 field trip (see also: Trouble So Hard, Chevrolet and Hambone)
  • Cover of WHAT MONTH WAS JESUS BORN IN in 1959 - as Last Month Of The Year, reissued on Southern Journey Vol 6 in the Lomax series on Rounder, in medley with No Room At The Inn (Sheep, Sheep, Don'tcha Know The Road)


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Arnold Rypens
Rozenlaan 65
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