• Cover of GRAY GOOSE in 1989 - demo released posthumously ('04)
  • Cover of LOVE-BUZZ in 1989 - first single and on debut album Bleach
  • Cover of AIN'T IT A SHAME TO GO FISHIN' ON A SUNDAY in 1989 - as Ain't It A Shame on With The Lights Out-box set ('04)
  • Cover of EIGHTIES in 1991 - melody line in Come As You Are
  • Cover of LA LA LOVE YOU in 1991 - tempo and guitar line Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Cover of MOLLY'S LIPS in 1991 - John Peel session; they also covered Vaselines song Son Of A Gun (in '92)
  • Cover of TURN AROUND in 1991 - John Peel Session as Turnaround
  • Cover of D-7 in 1992 - on Hormoaning EP and Live At Reading
  • Cover of MONEY WILL ROLL RIGHT IN, THE in 1992 - Live At Reading
  • Cover of IN THE PINES in 1993 - as Where Did You Sleep Last Night
  • Cover of LAKE OF FIRE in 1993 - unplugged live in New York, featuring Curt & Cris Kirkwood
  • Cover of MORIBOND, LE in 1993 - informal recording saved up to conclude the DVD with box set With The Lights Out
  • Cover of COLOR PICTURES OF A MARIGOLD in 1993 - as Marigold; their only track conceived without Kurt Cobain; B-side of Heart-Shaped Box
  • Cover of I'LL BE A SUNBEAM in 1993 - as Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam; after cutting Molly's Lips, another Vaselines track (lifted from the same album)
  • Cover of MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, THE in 1994 - Unplugged In New York; hit US; Bowie's favorite cover
  • Cover of LITHIUM in 1996 - the British band who had a hit in '68 with Rainbow Chaser and who sued the new Nirvana for using their band name; settled out of court and this cover underlines their appreciation


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