Milli Vanilli


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  • Cover of GIRL YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE in 1988 - Grammy award losing lip-synching studs produced by Frank Farian; at the press conference admitting the Milli Vanilli fraud, Frank took the opportunity to distribute their single once again; there's no such thing as bad publicity
  • Cover of ASHLEY'S ROACHCLIP in 1988 - in Girl, You Know It's True
  • Cover of SIDI MANSOUR in 1988 - as Ma Baker
  • Cover of HUSH in 1988
  • Cover of IT'S YOUR THING in 1989
  • Cover of KEEP ON RUNNING in 1990 - rap version; for once not lip-synched


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Arnold Rypens
Rozenlaan 65
B-2840 Reet (Rumst)

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