• Cover of AM I EVIL in 1984 - on the Creeping Death EP
  • Cover of BLITZKRIEG in 1984 - on Garage Days Revisited
  • Cover of MONEY WILL ROLL RIGHT IN, THE in 1985 - on deluxe edition Master Of Puppets
  • Cover of CRASH COURSE IN BRAIN SURGERY in 1987 - on $ 5.98 EP - Garage Days Revisited, later on Garage Inc.; they also covered Budgie's Breadfan (see there)
  • Cover of HELPLESS in 1987 - on the $ 5.98 EP - Garage Days Revisited
  • Cover of SMALL HOURS, THE in 1987 - on $ 5.98 EP - Garage Days Revisited; see also: Helpless and Crash Course
  • Cover of LAST CARESS in 1987 - on Garage Days Revisited along with Green Hell, another Misfits track, followed one year later by a cover of their Die, Die My Darling (on Garage Inc.)
  • Cover of WAIT, THE in 1987 - on Garage Days Revisited
  • Cover of BREADFAN in 1989 - B-side of Harvester Of Sorrow
  • Cover of KILLING TIME in 1991
  • Cover of SO WHAT in 1991
  • Cover of AMERICA in 1991 - intro Don't Tread On Me
  • Cover of TUESDAY'S GONE in 1997 - acoustic version for KSJO-FM radio in San José with John Popper (Blues Traveler), members of Alice In Chains, Primus, Corrosion Of Conformity, Faith No More + Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington
  • Cover of ASTRONOMY in 1998
  • Cover of IT'S ELECTRIC in 1998 - Lars Ulrich literally moved in with Diamond Head to learn to write firsthanded
  • Cover of LOVERMAN in 1998
  • Cover of SABBRA CADABRA in 1998 - mixed with A National Acrobat, another song from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, instead of the original's spaced-out middle section
  • Cover of TURN THE PAGE in 1998
  • Cover of GILGARRAH MOUNTAIN in 1998 - Thin Lizzy fans
  • Cover of DIE, DIE MY DARLING in 1998 - on Garage Inc.
  • Cover of FREE SPEECH FOR THE DUMB in 1998 - on Garage Inc.
  • Cover of MORE I SEE, THE in 1998 - on Garage Inc. along with Discharge's Free Speech For The Dumb
  • Cover of 53RD & 3RD in 2002 - their contribution to Ramones tribute We're A Happy Family, along with five other suggestions: Commando, Today Your Love, Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue, Cretin Hop and We're A Happy Family
  • Cover of SWEET JANE in 2010 - during 25 years of Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame with Lou Reed
  • Cover of WHEN A BLIND MAN CRIES in 2012
  • Cover of PLEASE DON'T JUDAS ME in 2019
  • Cover of IRON FOUNDRY, THE in 2020 - with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra on S&M2


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