Massive Attack



  • Cover of BLIND ALLEY in 1988 - sample in Any Love
  • Cover of BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU GOT in 1991 - as Be Thankful For What You've Got
  • Cover of MAMBO in 1991 - as Daydreaming
  • Cover of STRATUS in 1991 - basic samples in Safe From Harm
  • Cover of IKE'S MOOD I in 1991 - intro and guitar break in One Love
  • Cover of ROCK CREEK PARK in 1991 - in Blue Lines
  • Cover of SPYING GLASS in 1994 - with Horace Andy
  • Cover of LIGHT MY FIRE in 1994
  • Cover of OUR DAY WILL COME in 1998 - as Exchange floating on a sample from Isaac Hayes' version
  • Cover of TRIBUTE in 1998 - bass part, overall mood and keyboard theme in Black Milk on Mezzanine, Manfred Mann agrees
  • Cover of WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS in 1998 - the same John Bonham beat under Man Next Door from Mezzanine
  • Cover of MAN NEXT DOOR in 1998 - on Mezzanine; one of the guest vocalists on Mezzanine, reggae singer Horace Andy, made an album with author John Holt in '86 (From One Extreme To Another)
  • Cover of SOMETIMES I CRY in 1998 - sample in Teardrop from Mezzanine


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