Bart Peeters


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  • Cover of FEVER in 1990 - as Liever
  • Cover of BENJAMIN in 2000 - on Louis Neefs 20 Jaar Later and among the final 7 in Belgian tv-series Zo Is Er Maar Eén
  • Cover of WHAT IS LOVE ALL ABOUT in 2002 - as Zonder Woorden op Het Plaatje Van Bart Peeters
  • Cover of TEARDROPS in 2003 - as Poolijs on Het Plaatje Van Bart Peeters
  • Cover of CELESTE NOSTALGIA in 2006 - as Allemaal Door Jou
  • Cover of TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE in 2016 - as Hoeveel Ik Van Je Hou; live
  • Cover of JOLIE LOUISE in 2017 - as De Scheidingssong


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Arnold Rypens
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