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Artist: Beverly Mahr
Author: Gordon Jenkins
Label: Decca
Year: 1954

Author Gordon Jenkins arranged for Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, The Weavers and Ella Fitzgerald among others..



Johnny Cash [influenced his Folsom Prison Blues, B-side of So Doggone Lonesome, later n°1 C&W as a central song on live albums At Folsom Prison ('68) and At San Quentin ('69); Johnny was lyrically inspired by a film he saw in Germany while in the Air Force: Inside The Walls Of Folsom Prison]


Bob Dylan & The Band [idem; Basement tape]


Slim Harpo [idem]


Volbeat [as Sad Man's Tongue; as a tribute to Johnny Cash]


Jerry Lee Lewis [idem]

The lyrics of this song were the obvious influence, but so was the (slower) melody. Jenkins waited until Cash had left Sun before sueing him, with success. It was settled in court for $75.000. The line "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die" owes of course the man in black exclusively, the same goes for Luther Perkins' Folsom Prison Blues guitar line. In imaginary Karaoke bar The Originals, barrelhouse piano player Little Brother Montgomery's instrumental Crescent City Blues ('36) matches the Folsom Prison Blues lyrics.


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