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Artist: Mickey & Sylvia
Author: Ellas McDaniel/P. Polk/Mickey Baker
Label: Vik
Year: 1957

B-side of There Oughta Be A Law. Mickey Baker is the link with coauthor Bo Diddley (see: Billy's Blues).



Buddy Holly [solo vocal tapes handled by Norman Petty, using Buddy's voice over a Jimmy Gimbel & The Fireballs background as Umm Oh Yeah, Dearest ('63)]


James Hunter


Black Keys [on Buddy Holly tribute Rave On]

Buddy also cut Mickey & Sylvia's Love Is Strange and let's not forget his own direct link with the Bo Diddley beat in Not Fade Away (see there). Not to be confused, neither with Eddie Bo's My Dearest Darling (see there) nor with Bo Diddley's own Dearest Darling ('58), covered by Al Kooper ('71) and Jenni Muldaur ('10).


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