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Artist: Félix Trébosc
Author: traditional
Label: GEMP/La Talvera - A.S.S.A.S.
Year: 1992

Along with Adrien Soulié, Gaston Soulié, Henri Fastré & Roger Rudelle at the "ferme auberge" in Jouels, Roèrgue region (Aveyron, France). Means: Nous ne partons pas d'ici/We don't leave this place. Traditional local song at the end of a night out in cafés, at weddings or just home with friends.



Massilia Sound System [as Bouteille sur bouteille on a foundation of Bob Marley's Natural Mystic]

Field recording of the French (blind) Alan Lomax: Daniel Loddo of the Centre d'Etudes Occitanes in Cordes (Tarn). Massilia once mixed a cd on Loddo's folk group La Talvera. They were thanked with a dinner, where they heard Occitan singer Trébosc. His storybook farewell song kept spooking while they drove back home that night with a cassette of Exodus blasting through their Deux Chevaux. The marriage fits their mix up philosophy well. "La preuve qu'avec une chanson de grand pêre on peut faire danser les jeunes et qu'une chanson de grand pêre ça peut très bien se marrier avec une musique de Bob Marley." (Tatou of Massilia Sound System)


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