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Artist: Alberto Rabagliati
Author: L. Astore/R. Morbelli
Label: Cetra
Year: 1940

In pre war Italian film Una Famiglia Impossibile. When his career as a Hollywood actor and Rudolph Valentino look-alike fell short, Alberto returned to Italy but not with empty bags. He was responsible for introducing swing music in Italy, through songs like this Ki-Ki-Kiss Me Little Girl, landing him his own radio show (Quando Canta Rabagliati). While his fascist government banned all foreign influences, he was allowed to keep singing, long as he promised to endorse their position, which he did with a pro wedding policy propaganda song (Sposi - Get Married).



Rosemary Clooney [n°2 US as Botch-A-Me; blunt fonetical translation (by Eddie Stanley) of Baciami (Kiss Me)]


Bobbejaan Schoepen [as Hup-Hup-Hupla Met De Beentjes]


Daisy Dynamite [as Botch A Me, hit NL]


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