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Artist: Joe Satriani
Author: Joe Satriani
Label: Epic
Year: 2004

On Is There Love In Space?



Coldplay [part of Viva La Vida sounds amazingly similar; the evidence on YouTube counts millions of downloads]

Same old story: the bigger the trees, the more wind they take. Of course Chris Martin wasn't aware of this similarity but a clear fact can't be denied! No one with mega status his size escapes Big Brother. Anyway, this case was settled out of court. Fake Italian Peter Van Wood (né Van Houten) claimed one of his own melodies inspired Coldplay's biggest hit to date Clocks. Yeah right. Anyone hearing the slidest musical match with one of his/her own compositions can always try and that's exacly what antifolk band Creaky Boards did when they believed hearing part of their The Songs I Didn't Write (from second album Brooklyn Is Love - '07) in another part of Coldplay's Viva La Vida, while Cat Stevens' Foreigner Suite from his Foreigner album ('73) also holds a melody line somewhat duplicated in Viva la Vida. Media coverage guaranteed, but again: there's only 7 notes to compose with. Not Chris Martin but the whole bloodthirsty press gang is to blame.


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