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Artist: Maxine Sullivan
Author: James Yorkston/Edmund Forman
Label: Vocalion
Year: 1937

This is of course older than 1937 but for some odd reason no older versions pop up. After all, 1937's not bad at all, considering most Dubliners & Chieftains weren't even born. Follow-up of Maxine's other semi folk excursion Loch Lomond. That was clearly Scottish, this one clearly Irish, ain't it? Molly Malone was first published in London as Cockles And Mussels in 1884 by Francis Brothers & Day. Author James Yorkston was a Scotsman and since permission was requested from an Edinburgh firm to publish the song, Scottish roots are evident. Still it became the unofficial folksong of Dublin. Opening line "In Dublin fair city" has always been there, but no one can tell if there was ever a local fishmonger named Molly carrying her wheelbarrow throught the narrow streets crying "Cockles and mussels, alive alive-o". They did erect a large bronze statue of her on Grafton Street, nicknamed 'the tart with the cart'. That's a Dublin tradition. The statue of Livia lying naked midway O'Connell Street and representing the Liffey river, is locally known as 'the floozy in the jacuzzi', while two bronze shopping ladies at the foot of the west bank of Ha' Penny Bridge became 'the hags with the bags'.



Danny Kaye


James Dunn [in Elia Kazan film A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.]


Josh White


Kate Smith


Ronald Binge [as Cockles And Mussels]


Tom Astor [in German]






Sinéad O'Connor

Also cut by Peggy Lee, The Clancy Brothers, Dublin City Ramblers, Roger McGuinn, Pete Seeger, Jules De Corte (piano instrumental) and Johnny Logan & friends.


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