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Artist: Van Passel Brothers
Author: Eddy Van Passel/Danny Van Passel
Label: demo
Year: 1993

According to SABAM where this composition was declared in '93 and the Brussels Court of Appeal (and the Belgian Supreme Court), Michael Jackson's hit of '95 sounds identic for 75%. Besides, the Brussels Court ordered SABAM to make sure all versions worldwide of You Are Not A1one are from now on (October 15, 2010) credited to Eddy & Danny Van Passel.



Michael Jackson [as You Are Not Alone, n°1 US, R&B, UK, Fr, Ch & Sp]


X Factor Finalists [idem; n°1 IRL]

It took them more than a decade of legal mess to wade through but the pay-off is all worth it: You Are Not Alone is regarded as a direct and clear copy of these Belgian brothers' legaly deposited demo. As a result 100% of all rights cashed on Michael Jackson's last big hit (author's share and publishing combined) are due to Van Passel Brothers Music. It was not up to them to explain how in the world R. Kelly could have heard their unreleased demo. Belgian law requires it is up to R. Kelly to prove he composed You Are Not Alone totally independently, which he obviously failed to do.


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