John Lennon & Yoko Ono


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  • Cover of MARCHE FUNÈBRE COMPOSEE POUR LES FUNERAILLES D'UN GRAND HOMME SOURD in 1969 - as Two Minutes Silence; WYSIWYG; on their album Life With The Lions: Unfinished Music #2. The reason: Yoko's miscarriage; not to be confused with Lennon's 3 second short Nutopian International Anthem from Mind Gimes, following a totally different mind game indeed; the Lennons became John Cage's next-door neighbor in the West Village in New York City
  • Cover of STEWBALL in 1971 - strong echoes of Greenbriar Boys' version in Happy Xmas (War Is Over); see also: Pledging My Love
  • Cover of PLEDGING MY LOVE in 1971 - model for Happy Xmas (War Is Over); (see also: Stewball)


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