Benny Neyman


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  • Cover of YOU NEEDED ME in 1978 - as Ik Hield Van Jou
  • Cover of QUINZE ANS in 1978 - also as 15 Jaar; his own translation
  • Cover of VOIR UN AMI PLEURER in 1978 - as Wij Zitten Goed Voor De TV
  • Cover of BLU in 1979 - as Droom on lp Gouden Regen
  • Cover of AGAPIMU in 1980 - as Ik Weet Niet Hoe, hit NL boycotted by the NCRV for the line: "Ik zou je willen smeken, het van de kansel willen preken"
  • Cover of A ME PIACE VIVERE ALLA GRANDE in 1980 - as Je Hoeft Me Niet Te Zeggen Hoe Ik Leven Moet; also in German as Du brauchst mir nicht zu sagen wie ich leben muss
  • Cover of KRITI KERKYRA KE NIO in 1981 - as 'k Zal Je Heb
  • Cover of LONTANANZA, La in 1981 - as Vrijgezel, his biggest hit NL
  • Cover of AN ANIXIS TIN CARDIA MOU in 1985 - n°1 NL as Waarom Fluister Ik Je Naam Nog? with own lyrics
  • Cover of KOKKINO GARYFALLO in 1985 - as Zolang Je Bij Me Bent, top 30 NL, follow-up to his n°1 NL Waarom Fluister Ik Je Naam Nog, also from Greece; see: An Anixis Tin Cardia Mou
  • Cover of AFRICA in 1991 - as Negentientoen
  • Cover of BLUE BAYOU in 1991 - as Ik Mis Je
  • Cover of IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES in 1992 - as Later Is Te Laat
  • Cover of HEAVEN STOOD STILL in 1999 - as Mijn Wereld Stond Stil
  • Cover of LAST FAREWELL, THE in 2004 - as Trök Nao Blouwdörrep


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