Monty Python



  • Cover of LIBERTY BELL (MARCH) in 1969 - theme from Monty Python's Flying Circus; chosen for being public domain; also performed by themselves
  • Cover of VIKING SONG in 1972 - with The Fred Tomlinson Singers as Spam Song with real Vikings in the tv sketch and as a single
  • Cover of FOUR YORKSHIREMEN in 1974 - Live At Drury Lane
  • Cover of HOW SWEET TO BE AN IDIOT in 1974 - Live At Drury Lane and in '80 Live At The Hollywood Bowl
  • Cover of ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL in 1980 - as All Things Dull And Ugly
  • Cover of SING AS WE GO in 1980 - as Sit On My Face, opening their Contractual Obligation Album and in '82 in their Barbershop quartet act Live at the Hollywood Bowl


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