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Artist: Modern Lovers
Author: Jonathan Richman
Label: demo/Punk Vault
Year: 1971

With Jerry Harrison (pre Talking Heads) and David Robinson (pre The Cars) in the Intermedia Studios in Boston, self produced demo only to be released in 1999 on cd Punk Vault: Songs Of Remembrance.



Modern Lovers [John Cale produced demo released on their debut album in '76 (Beserkley)]


Modern Lovers [version with Mars Bonfire, produced by Kim Fowley, out on BOMP in '81]


Jonathan Richman [with Earth Quake, first released version on Beserkley that same year, only successful upon third release in '77]


Greg Kihn


Sex Pistols


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


Weather Prophets [in Almost Prayed]

In '72 producer John Cale helmed a demo session, also revealing Pablo Picasso (see there). When one year later official sessions followed in Bermuda, Richman refused to play his old stuff and a split was inevitable. If it wasn't for Beserkley, the world wouldn't even know about the Modern Lovers, nor of their Roadrunner (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Besides, this song owes a lot to Velvet Underground's Sister Ray.


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