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Artist: Capt. Beefheart & The Magic Band
Author: Don Van Vliet
Label: A&M
Year: 1966

With David Gates (guitar & backing vocals); B-side of second single Moonchild (written by David Gates). Drummer Alex Snouffer named the song "just a takeoff on a Delta blues thing".



Blue Öyster Cult [same riff in The Red And The Black on album Tyranny And Mutation]


Screaming Dizbüsters [alias for the Swedish Nomads; as Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire; obviously aware of the Blue Oyster Cult rip-off, for 7 Screaming Dizbusters is a BÖC song title]

Meat Loaf's Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire from Bat Out Of Hell II is another song.


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