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Artist: Dobie Red & group
Author: traditional
Label: Rounder
Year: 1936

John A. Lomax recording in Parchman, MS. Reissued on cd The Land Where The Blues Began. In 1933 he recorded an earlier version with bad equipment. The stereo recordings Alan Lomax made in the 1960s were not the best takes. Far from. All inmates had transistor radios in their cell and whistled Motown instead. In the 1980s when singing worksongs was no longer part of the deal, Alan went to a black joint in Greenville instead and asked the oldtimers if they remembered Rosie. Quite a few ex-cons responded and with them lined up as a chain gang he nailed an authentic alternative.



Lead Belly


C.B. and ten prisoners with axes [Alan Lomax recording in that same Parchman; obviously a local all time favorite]


Nina Simone [melody and part of the lyrics in Be My Husband: Be my husband man I'll be your wife mirrors Be my woman girl I'll be your man from Rosie]


Animals [as Inside Looking Out]


Grand Funk Railroad [idem]


Jeff Buckley [posthumous as Be Your Husband]


David Guetta [recurring sample from the C.B. version in Hey Mama; top 10 US, UK, B & NL]


Melanie De Biasio [live]


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