Fatboy Slim


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  • Cover of TAKE YO' PRAISE in 1998 - n°1 UK as Praise You
  • Cover of SLICED TOMATOES in 1998 - as The Rockafeller Skank along with bits of Beat Girl from The John Barry Seven ('60)
  • Cover of I'LL DO A LITTLE BIT MORE in 1998 - sample in Soul Surfing
  • Cover of ACID TEST, The in 1998 - sample in Build It Up, Tear It Down
  • Cover of ASHES, THE RAIN AND I in 1998 - sample in Right Here, Right Now; n°2 UK and opening track of his You've Come A Long Way Baby cd
  • Cover of SISSY WALK in 1998 - foundation of Gangster Trippin'; n°3 UK
  • Cover of APACHE in 1998 - following the Incredible Bongo Band version
  • Cover of I CAN'T WRITE LEFT HANDED in 2000 - sample of gospel piano riff in Demons
  • Cover of INTO MY OWN THING in 2000 - samples in Weapon Of Choice, with Bootsy Collins
  • Cover of KETTLE, THE in 2000 - substantial sample in Ya Mama
  • Cover of JIN-GO-LO-BA in 2004
  • Cover of SIGNS in 2004 - sample of "And the sign said long haired freaky people need no apply" in Don't Let The Man Get You Down
  • Cover of PRIMROSE HILL in 2004 - sample in North West Three


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