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  • Cover of OH CAROLINA in 1992 - n°1 UK with underlying theme taken from Peter Gunn
  • Cover of PIECE OF MY HEART in 1997
  • Cover of WARM AND TENDER LOVE in 1997
  • Cover of OOH BOY in 1998 - refrain in Luv Me, Luv Me; along with elements of Candyman's Knockin' Boots
  • Cover of IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT in 2000 - musical foundation of Luv Me, Luv Me; top 5 UK, hit B & NL with re-recorded vocals by Samantha Cole (replacing Janet Jackson) in '01; the chorus recycles Rose Royce' Ooh Boy
  • Cover of SMILE HAPPY in 2001 - sample in It Wasn't Me; n°1 UK
  • Cover of ICE IN THE SUNSHINE in 2004
  • Cover of DOROGOI DLINNOYU in 2007
  • Cover of CUMBIA CIENAGUERA in 2008 - same accordion sample in official European Football Championship song Feel The Rush


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Arnold Rypens
Rozenlaan 65
B-2840 Reet (Rumst)

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