Archief blikvangers
  1. I knew you were waiting (for me)
  2. Freedom highway
  3. Always on my mind
  4. Sinner's prayer
  5. Bonny bunch of roses, the
  6. Old man trump
  7. Monsieur william
  8. It's hard going up (but twice as hard coming down)
  9. Lord, oh lord blues
  10. Down by the glenside
  11. Tribulations
  12. Can you blame the colored man
  13. Have you ever been lonely (have you ever been blue)
  14. Blues with a feeling
  15. Army blue
  16. Ack, vÄrmeland du skÖna
  17. She ain't gonna do right
  18. Packin' up, getting ready to go
  19. Orange colored sky
  20. Jardin d'hiver
  21. Baby i'm yours
  22. Maybe you'll be there
  23. Oh carolina
  24. Little mohee
  25. I'm just your fool