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Artist: Marianne Faithfull
Author: Mick Jagger/Marianne Faithfull
Label: Decca
Year: 1969

Produced by Mick Jagger; B-side of Something Better but shelved by Decca. Some 500 copies got released. First time Marianne sang a song she wrote, losing her angelic voice in the process.



Rolling Stones [recorded at the tail end of March '69, when Marianne's version was just released; Ry Cooder plays bottleneck guitar; saved up for Sticky Fingers]

Faithfull's song was credited Jagger/Richards until 1994. Is it Richard or Richards? Since his Canadian drug trial in '77 he re-started using that 's' officially. Richards is Keith's real name; Richard was his stage alias since Cliff was his idol.


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