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Artist: Richard Farina
Author: Richard Farina
Label: Broadside
Year: 1964

Reissued on The Best Of Broadside 1962-1988. Tune adapted from Scottish folk song I Once Loved A Lass (or The Forsaken Lover), cut by Ewan MacColl, by Carolyn Hester (in '63) and by Pentangle ('69). Bob Dylan used this same melody in Ballad In Plain D, where he bids Suze Rotolo farewell.



Joan Baez [on her lp 5; she's Richard's sister in law]


Tom Paxton [with Anne Hills]


Rhiannon Giddens

About the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama in september 1963, killing four young black girls. Much later KKK members finally were sentenced. Spike Lee filmed it as 4 Little Girls.


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