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Artist: Vipers Skiffle Group
Author: traditional
Label: Parlophone
Year: 1957

Skiffle band from Liverpool; produced by George Martin. B-side of Cumberland Gap. Banned by the BBC.



Beatles [as Maggie Mae on Let It Be; off key, badly played and with the lyrics wrong]


John Lennon [home recording in the Dakota building]


Suzanne Vega [apparently has a knack for Liverpool in her songs]


C.W. Stoneking

John and even Paul and George were at one point in skiffle group The Quarrymen. Ringo played it with his first band The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group. This ode to a local whore was on anyone's set-list on Mersey side. This traditional sea shantee (the customer Maggie robs in the song is a seaman) relates with American song Darling Nelly Gray, written in 1856 and recorded since 1902 (American Quartet, Lambert & Haydn Quartet).


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