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Artist: Booker T. & Priscilla Jones
Author: Rita Coolidge/Jim Gordon
Label: A&M
Year: 1973

On lp Chronicles. Priscilla is the sister of coauthor Rita Coolidge, who wrote this song in 1970 on a riff provided by her friend Jim Gordon. She shelved the demo but coauthor Gordon as member of Derek & The Dominos showed the same riff to Eric Clapton during the Layla sessions later that year. Eric decided to ad it as the famous instrumental piano coda to the lead song, not crediting Rita Coolidge who only wrote the words to Time. Sure, respecting the rules Layla should earn the original status, beating the first official Time with three full years, but there are exceptions. Sympathy for Rita Coolidge (not credited for Layla) is only part of the reason, the striking resemblance of the tune confirms it must have been older.



Derek & The Dominos [piano coda in Layla, played by co-author Jim Gordon, clearly follows Time's melody]


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