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Artist: Ryan Harvey, Tom Morello & Ani DiFranco
Author: Woody Guthrie/Ryan Harvey
Label: Firebrand Records
Year: 2016

Believe it or not, there a direct link between Woody Guthrie and the 45th President of the United States! Research in the Woody Guthrie archive at the Oklahoma State University in Tulsa revealed two critical typed lyrics accusing late real estate magnat Fred Trump, Donald's father. Between 1950 and '52 Woody Guthrie and his young family lived in one of the many appartment blocks father Trump developed in Brooklyn, NY for returned WW II veterans (Woody being one of them). So for two years Fred Trump was Woody's landlord! This whole project(not far from Coney Island) housing 1.800 families was named Beach Haven. At first it all looked like heaven indeed, until Woody realized he didn't have any colored neighbors there for miles around and that Fred Trump was the architect of this manifest Jim Crow segregation. Leaves us thinking why his son managed to follow up the first black POTUS with the slogan Make America Great Again. For if that pre Civil Rights Movement America kept advocating color lines it wasn't all that 'great' in the first place and made characters as Old Man Trump part of the problem! So what happened is that one of Woody's vitriolic anti-Trump lyric sheets was adopted by Ryan Harvey (a Baltimore folksinger), Tom Morello (guitarist of Rage Against The Machine) and Ani DiFranco to bring it among the masses as a song. And songs - as we know it - are made to inspire others, which in this case it does. Covers pop up at the same rate Donald J. Trump signs his bills.



U.S. Elevator


Lucinda Williams [live; incorporating the Old Man Trump lyrics into Guthrie's I Ain't Got No Home]


New Ash Grove Players [idem]


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