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Artist: Rolling Stones
Author: Mick Jagger/Keith Richards
Label: A&M
Year: 1978

Song about Claudine Longet, ex Folies Bergère dancer in Las Vegas who married Andy Williams. Had three children with him and started an affair with Olympic ski champion Vladimir ' Spider' Sabich. She moved in his Aspen, Colorado chalet where she shot him in '76. She was trialed and convicted but her attorney managed to keep her out of jail during weekdays so she could raise her children as if nothing had happened and that's what this song's about. Recorded in Paris at the Pathé Marconi studio. The Stones wanted to put it on their next album Emotional Rescue but changed their mind. Not so much for fear of being sued (bands like them constantly have two or three lawsuits hanging whatever they do) but for fear of having to withdraw a million or so album copies off the market at their own expense. That's when the song found its way on the bootleg circuit, first surfacing on EP Tip Of The Tits, but meanwhile released officially on the 2011 reissue of Some Girls. What happened with Claudine Longet? She started a new life with that very same attorney.



Peter Miller [on lp Rockin' Is My Bizness and on the first Dr. Boogie cd]


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