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(Bert Kaempfert)
(o):Bert Kaempfert (1965)label: Decca
 Instrumental theme in gangster spoof A Man Could Get Killed, starring Melina Mercouri. Soon provided with words by Charles Singleton & Eddy Snyder and recut by Kaempfert in '66 as Strangers In The Night, still an instrumental.
(c):Jack Jones (1966) [first vocal version as Strangers In The Night, crediting Charles Singleton/Eddy Snyder for the words], Frank Sinatra (1966) [idem; n°1 US, UK & B; according to baroness de Selys Longchamps the song that forged her relationship with prince Albert; for a second link between Bert Kaempfert and the Saksen-Coburgs, see: New Year Rock], Johnny Rivers (1966) , Barbara McNair (1966) , Hervé Vilard (1966) [as Etrangers dans la nuit], Ivo Robic (1966) [as Stranci U Noci and as Fremde in der Nacht], Petula Clark (1966) , Michel Louvain (1966) [als Plaisir de la nuit], Sandpipers (1967) , James Brown (1969) , Bette Midler (1976) , Herman Brood (1997) , Bill Van Dijk (2005) [as Vlinders In De Nacht], Marc Almond (2007) ,
The real author might have been Avo Uvesian, his original title Broken Guitar, outvoted by Frank Sinatra. Fearing he might lose US copyrights Uvesian made a deal with Bert Kaempfert.
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