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(J. Deja/Roland Verlooven)
(o):Grand Jojo/Lange Jojo (1985)label: Vogue
 The refrain is the famous Olé Olé Olé Olé, We Are The Champions (2x) heard in football stadions all over the world. Not to be confused with that other Olé football sing-along song: Olé, Ole-é, Olé, Ole Ólee, Ole-é. See: Olé (Het W.K. Lied). See also: Hoezee Hoezee Vivat Oranje Boven. Another famous Anderlecht sing-along Allons les Mauves was cut by Jean Narcy in 1977, using the tune of We Zijn Er Bijna (Maar Nog Niet Helemaal), wherever that came from.
(c):José Rocha (1986) [Portuguese version with the Benfica church choir and one with Benfica supporters], Walter Capiau & De Oranje Duivels (1986) [same yell in E Viva Mexico, along with Dutch football players in Belgium: Arie Haan, Barry Hulshof and Henk Houwaert to name just a few; Lange Jojo/Grand Jojo also cut it as such], Marathon Boys (1986) [as Olé We Are The Champions; introducing the yell in the Dutch skating world; 1986 was an 11 Stedentocht winter], Jos Mommen (1987) [solo accordion], Fans (1987) [as The Name Of The Game; n°1 Japan in '94], Waves (1993) [as The Name Of The Game n°1 in Japan (see footnote)], Boma (1994) [as Viva Boma],
When Japan felt they might end up with the final 24 teams for the '94 World Cup Football in the US, they assured themselves a fitting theme song. They didn't qualify, but that didn't stop the Olé Olé-yell being used in all sorts of software applications made in Japan.
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